Saturday, April 08, 2017

First mowing of the spring (new spark plug & oil)

I just got done mowing the lawn for the first time this year. It didn't really need it, but I topped off the high spots and clumped together all the little branches in the yard.

It seems I saw a thing on Facebook a week or two ago that I'd already mowed by the end of March last year. If I cared at all I could look it up, but I'm starting to not really care. I don't even know what height I mowed at today. I raised it a couple notches from the last time I'd mowed.

Before mowing I also changed the oil in the mower, sharpened the blade, and put a new spark plug in. I pulled out the old plug yesterday and it was pretty gross. I'm hoping that's why it wasn't running so well at the end of last year. It seemed to run fine today. Though this is the first time I can remember (or one of the very few) that the mower didn't start on the first pull.