Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Tax woe-man

We are not very good at taxes. We took our stack o' papers to a tax preparer last night and it was the same ol' story of woe as every year. We paid off our house, have no debt, and don't have enough deductions to be able to itemize. Therefore, as is the case just about every year, we have to pay more to Uncle Sam. Of course first we need to buy a couple IRA's and make a plunk into our HSA account so we only have to pay in the 100's instead of the 1000's. Argh. Such is life for us simple-minded non-debtors.

We did at least like the woman who did our taxes. It was our first time going with her. I asked for suggestions on Facebook and the first person who responded gave us her name. It turns out one of her workers also use to work for Jane and they are friends. So that turned out well. She was very thorough and went through everything with us. We were there for 1 1/2 hours!

So, death and taxes. I guess now we're just waiting for death.