Monday, May 29, 2017

Sound and communion

I pulled double duty at the worship gathering at our church yesterday. It was my 2nd time running the sound board, and the first time we were asked to help with communion. I knew ahead of time about the sound, but we didn't find out until right before the service about communion. I'm thinking two people that were scheduled to do it didn't show up. It was fine, and way less stressful serving communion than running the board.

I started to get a little freaked out about the sound board at the start of rehearsal - but then Chet showed up. He was there because his wife was singing. He is an experienced engineer and taught me quite a bit. He stayed with me through rehearsal and during the music portion of the service. I was very relieved. It's been awhile since I've done much with a sound board and this one is not only digital (as opposed to analog like I'm used to) but it's also quite a bit more involved. So I'm just trying to get the basics down so I can serve as an emergency backup if needed.

Some things I need to remember:
  • Monitor positions are: 1-keys; 2-2 in front of left front person facing me; 3-2 other front ones; 4-bass; and 5-drums.
  • Each button on middle left controls 2 monitor settings. For example, push once for #1, again for #2.
  • Active monitors show green lights around the weird round knob.
  • Reverb (fx) is only during singing. Mute it anytime anyone is speaking.
  • If someone uses the hand-held mic you hit the second button on bottom left to open those controls.
  • Vocal controls are to far right. Mic 1 is often not used - unless maybe by the keyboardist.
  • Bottom left group of slides is all drums.
  • Darkened area of slides are main banks.
  • Remember to mute all mains at end of service - especially if musician is going to unplug!
I like communion at our church. It is completely open, and it's by intinction. There are two people on each side for the two rows that form. Once person breaks the bread and says, "The body of Christ was given for you." The other holds two bowls - one is red wine and one is lighter-colored grape juice. They say, "The blood of Christ was shed for you" as the person dips their piece of bread.

I did the bread and Jane did the cup. The only weird thing today was that apparently whoever usually gets the bread must have been gone - or forgot to get it. So we had stale hamburger buns that felt like maybe they'd been in the freezer. I didn't mind that, but they crumbled real easy, so there were bread crumbles all over the floor, and not just a bit dropped into the wine bowls. It was kind of amusing.

One thing I thought interesting was how most people were smiling as they approached for the bread. I don't know why that struck me so, but I liked it. I guess I just don't often see people smiling or something.

Anyway, all told, it was a pretty good day at church. It usually is.