Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Carrie turns 32

Daughter Carrie turns 32 years old today. Oh my goodness! I'm not at all sure how that happened. What's even worse/better is that her daughter is now going to be entering FIRST GRADE!!

We always expected even from a young age that Carrie would do great things. She's always been a go-getter and knew how to figure out the system, so we kind of thought she would move far from home and work for a big company or be a teacher. It turns out the greatest things are living right in her house! And we couldn't be happier that it's not far from ours.

Carrie is still a full-time stay-at-home mom. The wee ones are now 6, 4, and 3. The oldest just finished kindergarten, the middle just did his first year of pre-school; all of them are in swimming lessons, and I imagine soccer and baseball season will involve some as well.

Not only that but she is also still working at the Y, and if I understand correctly she has finally taken the promotion that they've wanted her to move into for some time. She will be doing new memberships, which is something that fits her personality well.

I know she still works out a lot too. She is one fit momma, and I wouldn't want to mess with her. Though you'd never know it from her sweet, sweet smile and beautiful long hair. :)

In addition, she is the most voracious reader I know, and she literally takes the cake as well (she's an incredible baker of goodies). She really is one complex and talented person.

We have all begun attending a different church this year, and I know Jane appreciates being in a small group with Carrie and listening to her take on things and just her views of faith and life in general. She is a deep thinker with a great big giant heart for justice and all things good. It warms our hearts to not only know people like her, but to know that she will be raising our grandkids as well.

Happy birthday, sweetie!!! Love you!!

One of my favorites from years ago.

Always liked this hat pic too.

This day... :)

Pretty ladies.