Monday, June 05, 2017

Zoo, shoe, and... colonoscopy

We kept the grandkids this past Saturday and overnight into Sunday. It was a fun-filled day Saturday. They arrived late-morning and we took them to The Stand for lunch. From there we made our first visit to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. They are very familiar with the zoo and had already been there this year. The first order of business was a pony ride. Anna and Bennett both wanted on horses - and they are big horses. Caleb liked the smallest of the ponies. It was just his size according to him. We then wound our way around to touch the manatees, and then the log ride. We finished up with the farm and a play with the goats.

It was a very hot day and Jane applied sunscreen multiple times to the kids. After being home only a short time we then headed downtown to the library. It was "Beatle-fest" - a free event outside. There were a bunch of other things going on downtown as well, and the city was abuzz with people everywhere. The library area was about as packed as I've ever seen it. I'm assuming the library set up these large foam play things behind the stage and it was a great time for kids to exercise their imaginations and mill about.

Eventually we headed for home and watched a movie before everyone drifted off to sleep.

Sunday I bought not one, but TWO pairs of shoes. I'd wanted to just 'begin' looking at some sandals or shoes I didn't need to wear socks with - for summer. I didn't plan to come home with any, so two pair was, well, it just feels strange to do something so compulsive and not even think twice.

At any rate I got a pair of slip-on sandals that could be for casual or dress. I also got a pair of slip-on Skechers that I could wear for casual, dress, or to work. I spent more than I'd intended, but I'm trying to just not think about it.

Today I am off work as I needed to accompany Jane to get her regular colonoscopy. Her doctor wants her to have one every 3 years since it runs in the family. We thought it would be covered under preventative care, but found out when signing in that we would have to pay $1200. Oh well.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am, and her procedure was scheduled for 10:30. They took her back at 10:15, and we were leaving the hospital at 11:30. She was only in recovery for 45 minutes and was awake the entire time I was there. She said she actually woke up during the procedure and watched part of it on the monitor. This was a big change from the last time when they/we couldn't get her to wake up afterward.

The doctor said he removed 3 small polyps but that everything looked fine to him. She doesn't need a follow-up and he would like her to have another colonoscopy in 3 years.

When we left we stopped at Tim Horton's and got some breakfast/lunch, then headed home to veg for the rest of the day.


So, that's about it. We did get asked to help serve communion again yesterday. Two weeks in a row! The bread was much better this time and all went fine - other than it's so awkward with the singers/musicians. We're not sure what to do exactly, but I don't know that anyone really cares.

Tomorrow is back to work. It was nice to have today off since I am back to working this Saturday. At least I'm scheduled at my own facility instead of one I'm not familiar with.

Conquering the croc.

This beautiful bird put on quite a show right in front of us as we sat on a bench. She spun around slowly several times.