Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend, ribfest, fathers day, and so forth

Well, here it is Monday again. This seemed like a long weekend for some reason - what with having two whole days off and everything. I am fairly wiped out today though.

I suppose part of the length can be attributed to Fort Wayne's Ribfest @ Headwaters Park. It has always been my favorite of all the festivals. This year I think I am taking away that designation though. The music has taken a real downturn in recent years. The bands no longer seem to be all blues oriented, and the sound quality is just atrocious. I actually sent them a message the other night. It is simply way too loud for the quality of system they are running it through. I've no problem with loud music - I even LIKE IT when you can feel it in your chest - but this is all high end noise, so it just grates between your eardrums. I think it's the company they use, because I've heard plenty of concerts at Headwaters and they are not all like that.

At any rate, we went to Ribfest both Thursday night and pretty much most of the day yesterday. Thursday we paid too much for pulled pork sandwiches for supper and then stayed and listened to music for as long as we could stand it. Sunday we went for lunch right after church, and ended up eating supper as well. The weather was nice and it didn't seem like the music was as loud at first. The Feipel five showed up in the afternoon, and then some friends joined us in the evening. We didn't plan to stay for 7 hours, it just sort of happened. I even had to borrow some money from the daughter at one point. So we were pretty well spend by the time we got home last night and went to bed at 9:30.

Friday night we went out to eat at the newly opened 07 Pub (2nd time) and then just went home. Saturday we did the usual trek to the downtown library to listen to free live music. It rained on us briefly but we just took shelter under a tree for a bit and then it turned into a beautiful evening.

Sunday we gathered for worship and bible study. Jane is in the women's study and I am in the "open" study - both before the worship gathering. There aren't very many in my class. Usually the pastor teaches it, but he was leading singing yesterday so they had the new intern lead it. James is from England. He and his wife and 10-month old are in the States for the first time for the 5-week internship. They seem like a really nice couple. He also preached during the worship gathering. On another note, Jane was asked if she would be part of the group to alternate doing the prayer time on Sunday mornings. I think she will be good at it. To be honest though... I kind of felt a little left out that I wasn't asked. It's not a big thing, and I really don't mind, but sometimes I feel like maybe all the negative voices are right about me and I really can't do anything church-wise anymore; maybe I am crazy after all. I don't know. I'm trying not to think about it. I probably wanted to be asked more than I really want to do it anyway.

Father's Day is always an odd day for me. My dad and I have never had a very good relationship. It's awkward for me as well. But, I appreciated the bottle of Monkey Shoulder scotch Jane got me. It was nice seeing the Feipel's Saturday and Sunday. Son Isaac called late Sunday night as well. I feel blessed.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. It's the first Father's Day weekend in a long time that I haven't run a race though. I wish I were running. I miss it. It just seems like so much work anymore. I do the treadmill from time to time. I wish I could get motivated to run outside again. I haven't done so one time this year - and it's almost July!

Well, it looks like a storm is rolling in as I type this. Better buckle down the hatches, or however the saying goes. Until later...