Monday, July 24, 2017

A brief storm

Yesterday was hot and muggy from morning until... this brief evening storm blew through. I was sitting on the back patio enjoying a cold beer and the wind picked up a bit. There were dark ominous clouds moving in from the North. I thought they were just passing by, but all of a sudden there was one rain drop. Then another. Next thing I know I'm grabbing my phone and running in the house. There was a side-ways-rain little gale that blew for about five minutes. When it was over the sun shoved its way back in and we had tree limbs scattered from our front yard all the way over to the next block on the back side. What's weird was... it was only OUR trees!!! It's like the wind pinpointed our house and said, "We want to hurt that tree." Three good sized limbs found there way to the neighbors house kitty-corner from us in the back. One took down their cable wire. I went out as soon as it stopped raining and the neighbor right next door asked if her son could cut the limbs up for firewood. I was like, "Sure!" After it dried off a bit Jane and I went back out and picked up the rest of the limbs our tree had scattered across the neighborhood. It was weird.

These pics don't do a very good job of showing the extent of spreadage, but I hadn't yet noticed the rest.