Thursday, July 27, 2017

All I know about transgender

The president has made transgender people a big topic of discussion since he tweeted some nonsense the other day. I have to confess: I don't really know what to think about L, G, B, or T people. Meaning - I don't understand how it works. I don't know if people are born that way or not. Personally, I don't care. I have never been interested in ANYONE'S sex life - gay, straight, single, married, or whatever! And in my ignorance on the subject I don't even know if that's what it's all about. Basically, I guess I choose to not take a position on the subject. People are people, and everyone should be valued and respected on that basis alone. That's all there is to it in my mind.

So, last night we did our usual Wednesday thing of sharing a meal with the under-served of the city on the library plaza. There was an odd feel in the air, as there often is. At one point a guy showed up who was obviously high on something and he was getting rather loud and obnoxious. He shoved his plate down in front of me at one point - because the potato chips I was giving out had crumbs in them - and even later when I'd opened a new bag and took him a new plate he was belligerent about it and refused to take it. Of course then he complained about how we wouldn't feed him. So it was one of those nights.

And... you're probably wondering what this has to do with transgender people, right? Well, before all of that happened, Jane and I were approached by a woman who used to be a man (at least I think so). We were familiar with this person. We have interacted on many occasions. But tonight was different. She told us she recently discovered she has full blown AIDS. And she wanted prayer. So I took her aside while Jane tried to dole out watermelon AND potato chips. And I have to say, I'm ashamed to admit that I had to think about how close I should get to her. I finally put my arm on her shoulder, and we prayed.

So all I know about transgender people is... This particular one was scared. She didn't mention anything about Trumps tweets or politics or problems in society. She was scared of dying. She wanted help. She wanted Jesus to know that she needed him. So that's how we prayed, and that's really all I know about transgender people. For a few minutes on a Wednesday night I knew one soul that wanted to reach out to Jesus. So we did. Together.

Sometimes I feel like a coward for opting to not take a stand on certain issues. On the other hand, I think my stand is somewhat the same regardless... I am FOR people. I want people to have peace in their soul. All people. And that's about all I know.