Saturday, August 12, 2017

My first day being unemployed (but not out of work)

Long ago a friend taught me the art of looking at photographs 'in full'. In other words, not merely focusing on the subject, but learning to look at what ELSE is there: the people in the background, books on the shelf, pics on the wall, trinkets sitting about, etc. Those things can say a lot, and make it much more interesting. It might also be a good way to look at life.

Today is my first day of being without a job. That doesn't mean I am without 'work' though. It only means I am no longer collecting a paycheck (or unemployment). There is much more to life, and much to do.

My plans at present: I am setting out on a road trip. In fact, I'm already late. But since no one is keeping score, does it really matter? So I'm taking a trip. I don't know for how long, or how far. I haven't thought that far ahead. My goal is to go slow enough to intentionally see what ELSE is there. And that's really about all I know at this point.

I am not so irresponsible as to think I don't ever need to make money. I'm sure that will come in time. I'm just tired of thinking of it as the main thing - the focus of my life. There are plenty of other things to see and do and exprience, and who knows, maybe one of those will turn into a way to make a living!

The reality is, my wife and I have been blessed to not 'have to' make a lot of money to get by. So it doesn't have to consume us. The question is... what will we be consumed by? What are our real values and passions and where do we see ourselves fitting into His-story?

So, I realize this is all pretty ambiguous if not a tad idealistic, but it's where I'm at on this first day of being unemployed. I may be without a job, but it does not mean I have nothing to do. I suppose I should get to it.

Peace out; and in.