Monday, June 23, 2008

Not preaching

I'm taking a little preaching break. It started yesterday, and I won't preach the next two Sundays, then I'll preach on July 13, and then be gone on July 20 & 27. And, while I do like to preach, it is kind of nice to not have to sometimes. It's almost like I didn't even do anything - even though I still led worship.

Yesterday we watched part 1 of a 2-part dvd from Bluefish tv of Donald Miller entitled Free Market Jesus. You can order your own or watch a preview HERE. I thought it was really good. But then... I like Don. I'm not too proud to admit that Blue Like Jazz was fairly life-changing for me. And I liked Searching For God Knows What and To Own A Dragon about as much. Jane and I met him at a bookreading a couple years ago in Marion, IN. That was also the first time we heard Josh Garrels play. And I like how the bluefish people broke this 60 minute dvd into two parts: one 36 minutes and one 28. So it's perfect as the Sunday message.

I'll show part 2 next week, then I have a student coming to preach on July 6 (while I am here). I had him speak once before while I was gone, and I would like to hear him. Then on July 13 we have a child dedication and I will be preaching, then July 20 is my last vacation day and I have a singing group coming in; and July 27 I am taking a Sunday Sabbatical (I have 2 Sundays per year where I am here during the week but can be gone on the Sunday) and I will show Tony Campolo's It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming dvd.

Some people probably frown on showing videos for the sermon. Not me. I figure if it's good teaching then why in the heck would I NOT show it? I also think it does people good to hear from other speakers now and then - especially good other speakers. I wouldn't want to shows videos all the time, but I think it's good to do things different now and then. People seemed to like part 1 of Free Market Jesus.