Monday, September 28, 2009

Sometimes it's ok

You know, there is plenty wrong with the church. And there are plenty of people more than willing to point it out. But sometimes the church is ok too. And the sad thing is, most of the naysayers never see what's right about it, because they're too busy pointing fingers and complaining, that they miss it. That's too bad.

Yesterday afternoon we hosted the local women's shelter for a picnic at our pavilion. Jane's Sunday School class started this project of providing supper for them once a month, and it's a really nice ministry. This is the second time they have come out to the country. Both times have gone extremely well. The kids LOVE to run and play on the playground, or shoot baskets, or play games. And the ladies just really seem to enjoy being out in the farm-fresh air. Yesterday someone donated pumpkins and they made faces with stick-on decals. At first it was just the kids, but before you knew it the adults were decorating their own pumpkins. I think they thoroughly enjoyed it. And the funny thing is - even for someone as uptight as me - you just feel relaxed around this group of people. I don't know what it is. They have little pretense, and they are so kind and appreciative. I think it truly is one of those cases where we get more out of it than they do.

So, yes, there are some really good things the church does too. Not a lot of people know about it, but I feel privileged to have been a part.