Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random is as random does

I'm in one of those frames of mind where... I don't really know what to say. So here are some random randomlies...
  • Before writing this I had 1962 posts on this blog. That's the year I was born (or so I've always been told; even though one year my dad got me a silver dollar for Christmas and it was from 1963 - the year he thought I was born).
  • I think the emerging church is having a hard time dealing with the fact that nobody really cares about it anymore. If you can't fight with evangelicals, then I guess you have to fight with each another.
  • As far as the Olympics... I have to say... I am with Julia Mancuso. I am sick of Lindsay Vonn. I was sick of hearing about her even before the opening ceremonies. And the sob-drama after her first win was enough to put me way over the top. Go Julia!
  • I may be in the minority, but I actually like the Olympics this year for some reason. I like some of the new events. Especially the Ski-Cross (and snowboard-cross). That is one of the best events as far as I'm concerned. I also like downhill skiing; but I'm not so into the slalom stuff. I also like speedskating, and some other things I can't remember now. I really didn't care much for the snowboarders where they just go back and forth. That is, until Shaun White went! Man, he was awesome. And I loved how he took his second run even when he didn't have to. That's what the Olympics ought to be about, imo.
  • I am feeling quite a bit better than I was earlier in the week. I still have a bit of a weirdness to me, but I'm hoping it will disappear little by little each day. I suppose there will always be a little weirdness, otherwise it wouldn't be normal.
  • Well, I guess it is Thursday. That's always good. And Saturday is m'Lady's birthday.