Wednesday, January 12, 2011

House hunting sucks

Our offer was rejected. For the second time.

I don't like this house-hunting thing. And I really don't like it after kinda sorta falling in love with one house in particular. We had spotted it when we first started looking, but it was out of our price range. The more we looked at other houses though, the more we liked this one. So we finally decided to just go look at it. We liked it even more. It had every single thing we were looking for in a house (other than only having 1 bathroom), and it was in the perfect neighborhood for what we wanted to do. The Realtor said the owners were "motivated to sell" so we thought we would make a ridiculously low offer and see just how motivated they were. Apparently they weren't that motivated. They made a counter-offer, and we asked if we could look at it again. The Realtor said it would take at least an offer of "x" amount. So we decided to just look elsewhere.

We continued to look at other houses, and there was another one that we thought about making an offer on; but it sold before we were able to. Our hearts were still with the first house though, so... we finally took a big gulp, double-checked our finances, and after a few weeks of waiting, we decided to just go ahead and offer what the Realtor said it would take (which was just below the asking price). It was a price that we could afford, however it was still way more than we ever intended to pay for a house; and it seemed like a lot for as small as this house is. We were mostly paying for location, but we LIKED this location. So we made the offer Sunday and... waited, and waited, and waited... and today we found out that they just flat out rejected it. They want their asking price and apparently won't take a penny less.

I don't understand. This house has been on the market since June, and they've only dropped 5,000 from their original asking price. It doesn't sound like they're too "motivated" to sell to me.

So I am bummed. I had already been living there in my mind. I loved it. I thought about how I would come home, and how I would leave; what I would do on the porch, and in the basement; how I would lay on the couch... It was kind of small, but had a great yard, and porch, and deck, and I could go for runs in the park, and meet the neighbors, and... Geez, I don't know if I can not live there now. But I guess I'll have to. We can't go any higher than we did. We're done.

Dang. I don't really even want to look at any other houses. House-hunting sucks.