Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something along those lines

It's kinda been one of those days. Not a terrible day, but... eh.

I started out for the office this morning, and when I backed the truck out of the garage and put it in "drive"... it didn't drive. Pretty soon the transmission kicked in and it took off. It happened another time or two along the way. When I got to the church I popped the hood and sure enough no transmission fluid showed up on the stick. I thought that massive leak yesterday was oil. Fortunately my wonderful daughter was able to pick me up a quart of tranny fluid and run it out. Now tomorrow will be a pain trying to get the two of us in a multitude of places with only one vehicle. I think we will survive though.

Then the ladies showed up for their "bible study" and there was a mouse in the trap in their room. They kind of made it out like I was the one who put it there or something. So I removed the mouse, and after continuing to hear about the awful odor I suggested maybe they could use one of the many other rooms we have available.

Then I got a call from a local radio station. They asked if I ever listened to their am station. To which I said I rarely, if ever, listened to radio period. She said she was glad we weren't on the air. I was too. But she still wondered if our church wanted to buy some advertising time with a pre-written ad in support of the war. I said I didn't think we were interested.

Then I did some reading in our next assigned book for the missional learning initiative. It is To Transform A City by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams. It looks good, but todays reading was chapter 1, which is about the importance of cities. It's not that I really disagree with anything... too much... but I wonder if Reggie realizes that the bulk of our churches are in rural locations; therefore the bulk of the people involved in mli are rural pastors? I just hope that since we only have one time left to meet together he doesn't end up making a bunch of people mad because of where they live. But I should probably hold off judgment until I've read the whole book.

Now I need to find someone to help haul a couch and two chairs that were donated to the mission house, as well as a washer and dryer. I also need to notify everyone that the meeting we scheduled the other night needs to be moved. Sunday mornings before church are not a good time for meetings in my opinion. Of course, I was the one who suggested it.

At least I got to see my smiling granddaughter this morning. That will solve all the worlds problems right there.

Now I need to try to figure out what to do for lunch. I was planning to experience another 'Taco Tuesday' (59 cent tacos), but with the truck not running right I probably shouldn't go anywhere. I have a banana, some rice crispy treats, and I think I left some cheese slices in the fridge. That will probably hold me over.

Peace out; and in.