Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New office hours

I am thinking of changing my office hours at the church. I don't usually even think about them too much. I pretty much try to work from 8-4:30 Monday through Thursday, 9-12 Saturday, and anywhere from 6 or 7 to 11:30 on Sunday - while also usually coming in Sunday afternoon for a few hours. Although I probably actually work more than that - especially since moving. I tend to work past 4:30 most days, and I am usually in the office around 8 on Saturdays (not counting visits, or lunches, or trips to pick up supplies and whatnot).

I just noticed today that I have had office hours posted outside my office door though - probably since I started here in 1999. They say: 9-noon Monday through Thursday, and 10-12 on Saturday. Hmmm... I guess I forgot that was there. I should probably take it down.

There are a few reasons I would like to change. For one, the schedule that has apparently been posted isn't really true. Second, there isn't really a reason for me to be at the office from 8-4:30 every day. I can pray and read and stuff just about anywhere, and if people need to get ahold of me they can call my cell or leave a message. Third, I would like to establish some "satellite offices" at a couple different places. I want to get in the habit of visiting a couple outside places where I can get to know the staff and the regulars, while at the same time they can maybe get to know me. There is a place in Ossian, and a couple in Fort Wayne that I am currently considering. I would go to one at the same time, on the same day, every week; and then do the same at the other on a different day every week. So I would essentially have 3 different offices (the satellites would be restaurant/coffee shop-type locations).

I will still "work" the same amount every week, but just cut down my time at the actual church office. That way I will still be there to answer the phone, get the mail, be there if someone stops by. I'm thinking something like maybe...

Monday & Thursday afternoons: 1-5 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday all day: 8 am - 4 pm
Saturday mornings: 9-noon
Sundays... whatever

I am assuming most people realize there is a difference between "office hours" and "hours that I work." I just think it's important that I begin to work "out" a little more than I have been... Spending time with people, and being out and about.

But, you know, it probably doesn't really matter what I write down. There always seem to be emergencies that come up and whatnot. But maybe it would be a good guide anyway. We'll see.