Saturday, June 08, 2013

Buzzed off the hair

I decided it was time to just give in and embrace the bald spot on the back of my head. Yesterday I completely buzzed my hair.

That has to be the shortest time between haircuts for me. I just got it cut two weeks ago. But I've been thinking about buzzing it all off for some time. I have never liked the idea of trying to conceal my bald spot. I just didn't think I would look very good with a buzz cut (or a shaved head). But I thought while I'm on sabbatical was a good time to do it. If it looked bad I could either shave it completely off, or let it grow back.

I didn't actually cut it as short as I was planning to. I went to the usual place and got lucky and got a good person to do it. I had never had Sadie before - she looked like she was still in high school (and may be) - but she was excited to do it and made several suggestions to me. So I felt pretty good about it. I normally have them use a #6 on the back and sides and scissor cut the top. She suggested we just start with a #5 all over my head and see how that looked. Right away she said we should go shorter. So she used a #4 all over and then trimmed the sides a bit. She said she thought that looked good and she didn't recommend going any shorter just yet. To go shorter now would just make the top look that much thinner - and it looks thin enough as it is.

So, I finally did it. I can't say that it's exactly how I WANT my hair to look, but I'm happy with it. I tipped her $5 on a $12 haircut just for being so good about it. I appreciated that she wasn't afraid to give input.

Now the dilemma will be whether to keep paying to get it cut, or just get my own clippers...