Sunday, June 09, 2013

Five things friday (sunday)

1. Had to reschedule the 'Five Things' again since daughter Carrie's birthday was Friday. Priorities...

2. I have started tanning. Ugh. I hate going to a tanning booth. Not only the health risk, but it's just so... I don't know... not something I want to do. But I tan pretty easily, and my arms, face, and legs are really tan, but the rest of me is pretty pearly white still. I thought before we go to the beach I ought to fix that so I don't get burned to a crisp on the white areas. There is nothing worse than starting a vacation out by getting sunburned. So I went to the place Jane goes. It's okay.

3. I don't know if it's because I've started taking 100 mg of the Zoloft or what, but I think I am actually starting to feel somewhat normal again. Seriously. I almost feel like a normal person. I don't think most people can understand those commercials where they say, "Depression hurts." But it does. It's a really nice thing to not hurt.

4. That new foam roller I got is killing me. I think it is really helping, but IT hurts. I can certainly tell it has made a difference already though. I hope it will help my knees.

5.We went to a free concert by The Sidewalk Prophets last night at the New Haven Canal Days festival. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Daughter Carrie also introduced us to their lead guitarist, Shaun Tomczak. She is good friends with his wife. It was a nice night. I will probably write more about it later.


MR said...

1. Quite understandable
2. My brother calls those "tanning lessons". I'm Irish and they apparently don't get the sun in Ireland because I'm just used to burning every time.
3. That would be cool if your Dr. got it right off the bat. I'll try to spill something on you next time I see you to be sure it ticks you off.
4. I hear gang members are carrying those foam rollers instead of knives.
5. I've always wanted to sneak into Canal Days the night before with a big bucket of white-out and erase the C on all the signs.

dan horwedel said...

LOL. That may be the first time I have used the "lol", but I literally did laugh out loud on #4 & 5. :)