Saturday, June 08, 2013

Buzzed off the hair

I decided it was time to just give in and embrace the bald spot on the back of my head. Yesterday I completely buzzed my hair.

That has to be the shortest time between haircuts for me. I just got it cut two weeks ago. But I've been thinking about buzzing it all off for some time. I have never liked the idea of trying to conceal my bald spot. I just didn't think I would look very good with a buzz cut (or a shaved head). But I thought while I'm on sabbatical was a good time to do it. If it looked bad I could either shave it completely off, or let it grow back.

I didn't actually cut it as short as I was planning to. I went to the usual place and got lucky and got a good person to do it. I had never had Sadie before - she looked like she was still in high school (and may be) - but she was excited to do it and made several suggestions to me. So I felt pretty good about it. I normally have them use a #6 on the back and sides and scissor cut the top. She suggested we just start with a #5 all over my head and see how that looked. Right away she said we should go shorter. So she used a #4 all over and then trimmed the sides a bit. She said she thought that looked good and she didn't recommend going any shorter just yet. To go shorter now would just make the top look that much thinner - and it looks thin enough as it is.

So, I finally did it. I can't say that it's exactly how I WANT my hair to look, but I'm happy with it. I tipped her $5 on a $12 haircut just for being so good about it. I appreciated that she wasn't afraid to give input.

Now the dilemma will be whether to keep paying to get it cut, or just get my own clippers...


MR said...

it looked so natural I didn't even realize it for a while. This is definitely an option for you going forward. I need some hair to cover the 665 birthmark behind my ear. Even though it's a 5 people still give me heck about it.

Jim Lehmer said...

I've been clipping my own hair (#4 on top, tapering down to a #3 on the sides) since the early 1990s. I'm cheap, so my thought has always been why pay someone to do something I can do myself? The clippers will pay for themselves in 2-4 haircuts. Of course, you then miss out on the interaction of having someone cut your hair, too, so there are tradeoffs.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks Mike.

Jim - I actually thought of you when the girl suggested a #4. For some reason I knew that's what you used. You're such a trend-setter. :) And good to hear from you again. I was actually just thinking of emailing you to see if you were still alive.