Sunday, June 09, 2013

Five things friday (sunday)

1. Had to reschedule the 'Five Things' again since daughter Carrie's birthday was Friday. Priorities...

2. I have started tanning. Ugh. I hate going to a tanning booth. Not only the health risk, but it's just so... I don't know... not something I want to do. But I tan pretty easily, and my arms, face, and legs are really tan, but the rest of me is pretty pearly white still. I thought before we go to the beach I ought to fix that so I don't get burned to a crisp on the white areas. There is nothing worse than starting a vacation out by getting sunburned. So I went to the place Jane goes. It's okay.

3. I don't know if it's because I've started taking 100 mg of the Zoloft or what, but I think I am actually starting to feel somewhat normal again. Seriously. I almost feel like a normal person. I don't think most people can understand those commercials where they say, "Depression hurts." But it does. It's a really nice thing to not hurt.

4. That new foam roller I got is killing me. I think it is really helping, but IT hurts. I can certainly tell it has made a difference already though. I hope it will help my knees.

5.We went to a free concert by The Sidewalk Prophets last night at the New Haven Canal Days festival. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Daughter Carrie also introduced us to their lead guitarist, Shaun Tomczak. She is good friends with his wife. It was a nice night. I will probably write more about it later.