Friday, January 10, 2014

Maiden voyage at work

I worked by myself for the first time at FWS yesterday. It wasn't planned, and I don't think I was ready, but I survived. It was also only for two hours.

My trainer got a phone call in the afternoon and then asked me if I thought I could close by myself. I was like, "I don't know. Do you think I can close?" She said she needed to leave by four. So she stayed until I got the closing reports done and then left about 3:30.

Things were going pretty good at first. I swept the floor and started to mop. A couple people came in and made payments - and I was able to do that. Someone called and needed a receipt emailed to them and I finally figured that out. Then, just as I was thinking I had handled everything pretty good, a couple came in about 5:15 and were just getting here to move their semi load of items into a storage unit. They had made all the arrangements over the phone with a previous employee. So I got out their file and thought I was going to be able to handle it, but when I went to show them their unit there was no way a semi was going to be able to get to it and they wanted to know what I was going to do about it.

By this time it was snowing like crazy, and it was now 5:30 - time for me to leave. Well, it just so happened that we only had one other unit available in the size they wanted. I hoped it would be in a more convenient location. Fortunately it was. So then I hoped it was okay that I switched them to a different unit. I tried to do it on the computer but got to a place where I no longer knew what I was doing. I did at least know that they were due in the next day (today) to make another payment - and they said they were coming in anyway because they thought they would need an additional unit -so I just left a note for my trainer for when she came in in the morning and I gave them their new keys.

I finally got out of there around 5:45, and as I drove home I realized I should have just called someone and asked for help. That is one thing I'm going to have to 're-learn. I guess I'm just used to having to make decisions on my own. I probably also kind of panicked -what with all the snow and darkness and being nervous.

So...hopefully I won't get fired on the first time I worked by myself. The drive home then took me 45 minutes again because of the snow. I didn't feel bad. This is what happens with a new job. It is probably actually progress (for me).

Now I am writing this in the endoscopy waiting room as Jane gets her 3-year colonoscopy. After she is done I will get her breakfast and take her home, then go back to work again and see how bad I screwed things up. I'm also a little tired, since we had to be here at 6:30am.

Just another day in the life of me.