Friday, January 16, 2015

A new mouse, and 213,000 miles

We had to buy a new wireless mouse for the laptop at home. I guess I wrote on Facebook about the cat knocking a cup of coffee over on the computer a week or two ago. So far the Lenovo has faired pretty well. It was drenched with an entire cup of coffee. I just turned it on its side and let it all drain off. Apparently the mouse couldn't take it though. We have a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse - and I'm not sure I could use a laptop regularly without them (at least the mouse) - so we just forked over $25 for another Logitech mouse last night. They keyboard is not as necessary - I don't use one on my computer at the office - but I do like one with the computer at home. The home laptop seems to be much more sensitive to hands and arms and whatnot.

In other news... the Buick turned over 213,000 miles this morning. We had a meeting at the Downtown facility, and it hit the mark just as I pulled into the parking lot. Then I forgot to tell anyone about it. It was also a bit odd because usually the odometer doesn't light up, and you can't see how many miles are on it (or what gear it's in), but it was lit up this morning. So there ya go!