Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeding missional communities (non)conference

I will likely be attending this event. I completely copied everything here from Ben. (thanks!)

Saturday, January 3rd from 8am-4pm Christ Community will be hosting a missional (non)conference thing called "Seeding Missional Communities: A Learning Commons" at Heartland Church (1025 Vance Ave).

Dave Fitch (a pastor at Life on the Vine in Chicago) as well as other missional leaders from the area will be in Fort Wayne to discuss an array of issues including:

  1. The merits of missional orders as a community-forming missional/evangelistic discipline.
  2. The Sunday gathering as missional.
  3. The need for a missional evangelistic tool to nurture new conversions in our communities.

It won't be anything fancy, we'll just gather, have different presenters and open discussion, and some time for decompression. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE. No one will be selling books. We're just getting together to encourage and commiserate for the gospel.

If you plan to come, email me so we know how much coffee to make! If you'd like to present, email Dave. If you need a hotel room, the Holiday Inn IPFW will give you an $89 rate if you reference the "Seeding Missional Communities" conference.

The day will look like this:

8:00am: Introductions and prayer
8:45am: First presentation (20 minutes)
9:15am: Discussion- questions - prayer
10:00am: Break - coffee - chat - decompression.
10:30am: Second Presentation (20 minutes)
10:50am: Discussion - questions - prayer
12:00pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Third presentation (20 minutes)
1:50pm: Discussion - questions - prayer
2:45pm: Fourth presentation (20 minutes)
3:05pm: Discussion - questions - prayer
4:00pm: Dismissal - benediction - sent out for mission

To give you a taste of what an informal presentation looks like, take a look at Dave Fitch's 15 minute presentation below at Canada's Cultivate gathering last year. It's short and it's goal is to get the discussion going. This is the kind of presentation we'll be shooting for.

Dave Fitch - the Cultivate Talk on Missional Orders from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...


I really wanted to go to this.... but Brenda's family is in town for Christmas.... let me know how it goes.



dan h. said...

Yeah, this seemed like an odd time to have this, what with the holidays and all. Would have been nice to have seen you.

grace said...

I am looking forward to your report of this.