Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Taxes, cards & books

I took our taxes in to have them done today. Jane found all the papers and filled everything out, and I just had to deliver the package. It used to be that Jane could do our taxes herself, but being a pastor makes it much too difficult. In some regards I am self-employed, and in some I am not. Plus we have the 40 acres of farmland now, so... someone else figures it all out. We always end up having to pay at the end of the year too, because I don't get taxes taken out of my check, and for some reason the quarterly estimates we pay never seen to work out. Whatever. I understand that someday I'm going to have to die too.

While I was out I decided to stop at the Family Bookstore and restock my supply of birthday cards. I got 6 12-packs. I try to send a birthday card to everyone in the church (as long as I know their birthday). Usually I will write out a month's worth at the beginning of the month, and yesterday I realized I missed a couple. Dang (somebody tell Graham happy birthday for me). It's always a trick to remember to mail them at the appropriate time too. I do what I can.

When I went into the store I noticed that they had the new Tony Dungy book. I had told the church I would buy it and Obama's 'The Audacity of Hope' for the church library. Of course the Family Bookstore didn't have Obama's, so I got both of Tony's books: 'Quiet Strength' and 'Uncommon.' I also found out he is going to be at the main Family Bookstore tomorrow from 3-5 to sign them. Cool. Then I went over the Barnes & Noble and got Obama's 'The Audacity of Hope' and also 'The Only Necessary Thing', a compilation of Henri Nouwen's writings on prayer and meditation by Wendy Wilson Greer. I thought it looked good.

I am still waiting on my latest order from Amazon with 'The Shack', 'The Blue Parakeet' and 'Surprised By Hope.' I see that I ordered them on Jan. 15. I got an email that it shipped last Saturday, but it hasn't made it yet. I guess that's what you get for free shipping.

Other than that... did you know that the Iron Butterfly psychedelic/metal song from the 60's "In-A-Gotta-Da-Vita" was actually supposed to be "In The Garden of Eden"? There are conflicting reports as to whether someone just didn't understand and wrote it down wrong, or someone was a tad slurry in their speech and couldn't say it properly. Anyway... that's what I hear.

Peace out, peeps. And in.


Carrie Jade said...

Amazon has been rather frustrating to me lately. But yeah, I guess they can do what they want when they don't charge shipping.

You could always tell Graham happy birthday on Facebook...that's what I did! :)

MR said...

As it happens, I did know that little tidbit of rock trivia. Sort of a "Louie, Louie" situation there.

Jim said...

It's called "Google Calendar" and you can set up multiple calendars - personal, work, birthdays for parishioners (ahem), and then it will send you reminders. You can also share calendars. So Les and I share calendars for her school, the kids' school events, etc.

You're welcome. :o)