Friday, April 24, 2009

The first mowing

I mowed the yard yesterday for the first time this summer. I thought maybe I better start a category for mowing, because sometimes I forget to write it down. Of course, that means I can just as easily forget to blog about it. But maybe this way I can double-check myself. Or at least bore you with more meaningless information.

I didn't think I was going to be able to mow yesterday. I had planned to do it in the afternoon, and after I put my overalls on, and back brace, and ear plugs... I started up the mower and it died right away. I monkeyed with it for awhile, and finally determined that it was the gas line that I'd replaced last week. Remember, one of them was a formed piece and the guy in Murray told me to just use regular hose. Nope, it kinked. So I headed to Mutton's in FW (you ain't got nutton on this mutton). They didn't have the hose in stock, but they at least acknowledged that that is what I needed. So I ordered it.

I was going to just wait until the new hose came in (should be 2 or 3 days - on top of the weekend), but the grass was looking so long. So I tried to move the hose, hoping there was a way to unkink it. No luck. They have it so it runs almost directly into the air cleaner cannister surrounding the carburator. So I took the old piece that was leaking and wrapped it up good with electrical tape. I put it back on, started the mower, and gas spurted out all over. So I wrapped some more tape around it and tried again... and it worked. I thought I would at least mow around the playground. After that it was still holding, so I mowed around the church. Then I mowed between the church and the house. And then I just finished mowing. It never did leak.

I also think I may have set a personal best mowing time. I did it in 2 hours and 10 minutes. And I checked today to see how much land we have. It is 4.73 acres. So whatever that is minus the parking lot and buildings... that's still a hunk-a-hunk-a lawn. I'm sure it will take me the usual 2 1/2 hours once the grass fills in everywhere. But it's much easier without the fence in the back yard.

One other thing I did when I was working on the gas line was finally figure out how to shut off the stupid kill switch on the seat. Those things are so impractical. Every time you get up, or lean sideways, the mower shuts off. How are you supposed to work on it when that happens? I had tried to splice the wires together before, but apparently I had the wrong wires. Turns out it was way easier than I thought. The thing is just screwed into the bottom of the seat. So I unscrewed it, wrapped some electrical tape around it so it's permanently closed, and there ya go. However, if I would happen to run over myself, would someone delete this post from my blog so Jane can still sue Simplicity. Thanks.

Peace out; and in.


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Ditto, MR. First thing to make me laugh all day. Thanks, dear!

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Except I think he's practicing showmanship and left on a high note.


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Just don't call me Coco.