Monday, April 27, 2009

A random friday

On my day off last week I made my way into Fort Wayne to walk around some stores. I often do something like this, more just as a way to force myself to enter civilization. You know, I don't get a lot of human interaction during the week, and as weird as it is, and for a guy, I really don't mind shopping. I hardly ever buy anything, but I just like to walk around and look at stuff.

Anyway, first I went to Menards to check lumber prices. I'm hoping we can put a permanent ramp on the shed for the mower. I didn't know if a wood ramp or gravel would be better. Wood is kind of expensive. I ended up buying some Roundup to kill the weeds. Geez, that stuff is expensive too.

After Menards I headed to Lowe's. I checked wood prices there too, and found a thing to put on a step so you don't slip. We need one for the step into the recycling shed. So I bought that.

It was funny, because while at Lowe's I stood in line behind this lady, and as I went from Lowe's to Best Buy, I noticed that she followed me and pulled into the BB parking lot right beside me. So when I got out I asked her if she was following me. She smiled and asked if I was going to Kohl's next. I said I didn't think so, even though I actually WAS going to, but I decided against it because I didn't want her to think I was following her. Anyway, I went to Best Buy because the warranty on my laptop runs out next week, and it says I am entitled to 1 free battery replacement. So I went to the Geek Squad desk and asked for one. Of course they don't have them. They told me the number to call. So I called and ordered that for free when I got home.

Next I headed north and thought I would stop by Guitar Center just for kicks. I always hate going in that store, because there are usually sales people crawling all over you, and there's that desk right inside the door and all. Anyway, I saw that they have guitar wall hangers, and we need a couple more, so I got one. There was no one at the cash register, so I looked at guitars. They have some cool "old looking" fender strats that are like $900. I would like to have one, but it would have to be free; plus I would feel weird buying something new that looked old. I would prefer to just have an OLD strat. Anyway, sure enough, I was ready to check out and there was still nobody to check me out. This was after like 3 people asked if they could help me. I said I wanted to check out, but none of them could help me do that. Finally the little girl at the entry desk called someone and he checked me out. Of course then you have to stop at the entry desk so the little girl can stamp your receipt. I don't understand that, and I don't like it either. I should never go back there again.

Next I walked around the mall and looked at shoes at like 3 stores. They were all the same shoes I've seen before, but it's something to do. It was funny though, because when I walked through JC Penney, I must have had 6 sales people ask me how I was doing. And they were nice about it too. One lady just said, "hey," but even that was very friendly (and kinda funny at the time). They must have just had a training thing where they told all their sales people to be nice. It was nice. I didn't buy anything there on this trip, but I will later. I'm a sucker if someone is nice to me.

I decided then it would be safe to go to Kohl's. Surely that woman would be gone from there now. So I went there and walked around. I found a hat for $1.80. It's one of those squarish hats with a short bill (like an engineers cap). I kinda like those, but they look weird on me. But this one didn't look quite as weird, and I liked it, and it fit good, and how can you not buy something for $1.80. So I bought a hat.

Then I went to Walmart. I was planning to buy milk, but then I forgot to get it. I saw these organic t-shirts, and one had a big earth with a peace sign in the middle of it, and it was only $3. I have been wanting some peace sign shirts, so I bought a white one. I didn't really even care that it was organic.

I finally decided I better get home. Plus I was hot. For some reason I wore a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt underneath... and it was 83 degrees F. So I went home. I realized I forgot to eat lunch, so I had some Ritz crackers with canned cheddar cheese on them. Mmmm.

Peace out; and in.

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