Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie fighter yesterday

I have never fought a movie (that I know of). There are a few I'd like to drop-kick though.

But that's not what this is about. Really, it's not about anything. I think I may be at an all-time low for material on this blog. Sorry.

Anyway... yesterday I went and saw the movie "The Fighter." It was one of those days where I kinda just felt like doing something. I had a good run, then crossed another goal off my list that I'd been trying to accomplish, so I meandered over to the dollar theater (even though it is now the $3 theater) and thought I'd take in a movie. I expected there to be no one there, but geez... the parking lot was half full for a 4 o'clock movie. I especially didn't expect anyone to be there for the same movie as me, but I bet there were a dozen people there. Not that it mattered; I was just surprised. And I thought it was interesting that I don't think anyone there made a sound the entire time. I didn't hear anyone talking, or laughing, or crying or... anything. Just kinda weird if you ask me.

Anyway... I liked the movie. It wasn't at all what I thought it was gonna be about. Kinda like the character played by Christian Bale. Who knew it was about how crack can destroy a person. But it was good. I have always liked Mark Wahlberg. Us short guys need to stick together. So... I had a small popcorn and a Sprite and watched the movie. I forgot how long it was, and I was almost late picking Jane up from work (actually, I might have been a minute or two late).

Anyway... after the movie I picked Jane up at the bank and we went out for her birthday supper. I guess I didn't realize it was supposed to be for her birthday supper, but it didn't really matter. Her birthday is Sunday. We went to Biaggi's. I got some kind of mustard chicken thing and veggies. I didn't eat the mushrooms. I like Biaggi's ok, but it's not my favorite. They have big doors and big silverware. The service hasn't been very good the last few times I've been there though. I don't like to have to wait on my check once I'm done. And I always seem to have to wait there.

Anyway... after that we stopped for a short visit with some friends, then made an early night of it so we could come home and watch a Dateline episode about a lady from church. It was a little weird watching it, because I was there for much of it and it brought back a lot of memories I would just as soon forget. Sad, sad thing.

Today is a Saturday. Yep. That's about all I know.

Peace out; and in.

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