Friday, August 05, 2011


I mowed at the church yesterday. I was only going to mow in spots, because there were just a few weeds getting out of hand, but I couldn't decide where to stop so I mowed the whole thing. Besides, we are having a public event tonight, so I thought it best to just make it look good even if I wasn't really mowing any grass. There isn't really much grass out there anyway. Just weeds. And I had to go pretty slow because the ground is so stinking hard. Lots of big cracks all around. A few people went by and saw me on the lawn mower and looked at my like I was from Mars. NO ONE is mowing their yards. The last time I'd mowed there was July 14. This has not been a good year for mowing.

The last time I mowed at home was July 5, and it still doesn't need it anywhere. We've even watered a few times.

There won't be much of a day off today as we have a concert and hog roast at the pavilion tonight. I'm headed out there now to move a refrigerator outside. I'll go out again this afternoon to start setting up. Then Jane's brother will be arriving and spending the weekend.

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