Tuesday, October 25, 2011

50/50 at the carmike

We saw the movie 50/50 last night at the Carmike Theater on Dupont. I had never been to that theater, and before seeing the movie expected this post to mostly be about the theater itself. It's clear out by Parkview North hospital, and it was pretty cool as we walked in. It looked more like a nightclub. And even though the particular theater we were in (out of the 20 that it has) was pretty small, it was also pretty nice. I was kind of surprised that there were hardly any people there though. There were only 2 others at our movie, and we only saw 4 other people in the entire place. Anyway, it was a nice theater. Not sure how they keep it open though. So... about the movie...

Wow, we had wondered why they were only showing it in the afternoon and really late at night at the other theaters. Apparently it's because it is such a tear-jerker. Gee-whillakers. As I have often said, I am not a movie critic at all... but I thought it was a really good movie - much better than any other movies we've seen lately (even Ides of March). But man... was it ever an emotional rollercoaster. Just dealing with the cancer issue was going to pull you one way, but to package that into a comedy really pulled you back and forth. I thought they did a good job of laying things out there and giving just a glimpse, even, of what people go through.

Anyway, it left me feeling very sad not only for cancer patients and their families, but also very sad about how terrible I have been in helping people face death and loss. I haven't been with a ton of people just before death, but I have with a few. And I really suck at it. I am a terrible pastor in most situations where people are at a loss - losing their own life, losing a spouse or loved one, losing in general. I tend to recoil out of ignorance (not knowing what to do), and I actually think this movie gave me some help in how to face things in the future. However, last night it just left me feeling pretty pathetic as a pastor. Though it also left me wanting to shave my head. Maybe sometime this winter (it will make it so much easier to wear a stocking cap - not having to worry about messing up my hair or the static electricity thing).

Logistically, it only took about 20-25 minutes to get there. On the way home we drove by the Occupiers in front of the courthouse. We gave them a honk and a wave, and got a big cheer.

Yep... that's all.

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