Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quiet haircut

I got a haircut yesterday. I went to the usual place, but didn't recognize any of the four people cutting hair. However, I did get in just as soon as I walked in, so I wasn't complaining. The girl I got told me to have a seat... and that was all she said until I was done. Since I was kinda tired it wasn't that bad not having to make small-talk, but on the other hand... that was kind of a long time to sit there and not have her say a single word. Oh well. I did listen to the conversations going on in the other chairs. The guy behind me was an anasthesiologist (sp?). He was stuck in an 'interesting' conversation. Anyway, I didn't even get the name of the girl who cut my hair, but she did an ok job. However, I keep going away from my plan. Which isn't really even a plan. I've been thinking of either growing my hair out, or buzzing it off completely. Instead I just keep going back and get the usual trim. Harumph.

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