Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eating - day 16 (wednesday)

Same as usual yesterday again. Though Jane went for her weekly consultation and told them we were going to be going on vacation, so we will start to alter our diet this Saturday to prepare for that. I guess we will temporarily move into "maintenance" phase - which includes eating more regularly - because it sometimes makes people sick to just jump right back to regular foods. So we'll be adding more protein, and fruit, and things like that. They said to expect to gain about 5 lbs from this. Apparently the diet involves dropping below your target weight, because the maintenance phase will add some back initially. I am not yet at my target (I decided to change it from 150 to 145), but I'm halfway there. Jane is closer (but she's been doing it longer). We will resume the diet after vacation. I think it would be too hard to eat these specific foods while staying in a hotel. Though I don't anticipate straying too far. Pizza just one time would be nice though.

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