Friday, August 24, 2012

So long lady

Drew and Carrie had to have Lady put to sleep yesterday. It was a sad ending to life with their first pet as a couple. Here is the post from when they got her in December of 2009. Little did they know then that Lady would soon have to learn to play second fiddle to a child, but she was still pretty special.

I can still remember when they first got her, and her toenails were painted pink. Her name from the pound was "Amanda." They quickly changed that. She used to be quite the explorer dog - preferring to walk on the back of the couch and whatnot. Once Anna was born she didn't get to go on quite as many walks though, and she kind of put on some weight. Until the end that is.

She hadn't really eaten much for almost a month. I saw her on Wednesday and she didn't even look like the same dog, she had lost so much weight. She could still wag her tail though. She came over and lay at my feet and leaned on me as I pet her. She really was a nice dog. She was always soooo happy to see us whenever we went over. She would bark and run around, and sometimes couldn't stop herself and run into us. She was a happy dog. :)

They had taken her to the vet several times recently though, because she quit eating. They had done x-rays and blood tests and things - hoping it was some kind of virus or infection. They tried giving her some antibiotics, but it was hard because she simply wouldn't eat anything. When they took her back yesterday the doctor wanted to do one more blood test, but then Drew found a large lump on her neck... Along with the one on her stomach, that pretty much sealed the deal. No wonder the poor thing wouldn't eat. So Drew stayed with her while the doctor helped end her suffering. What a sad day. It brings back memories of when we had to put Bogie down. Still one of the worst ordeals of my life.

It probably will be a good thing for them not to have a big dog around now that the second baby is about to arrive. We stopped over last night and Anna hadn't seemed to notice that Lady wasn't there yet, but I'm sure she will. I will probably have to fight back tears every time I hear her say "Woo woo." That's the sound she makes for Lady. Anna is going to miss her, but fortunately they say children have a short memory so it probably won't be long before she's forgotten about her.

Well, not much more to say. RIP, Lady. She was a good dog. I will miss her. Here are a few pics:

This might have been the first time we saw her after they got her (Dec. 2009). This was at their apartment on the north side of town.

The infamous pic of her sleeping across two chairs. :)

The protective sitter dog watching over a newborn Anna.

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JAH said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Like Bogie, she had such a sweet face.