Saturday, August 25, 2012

The friday run

I scaled things back again this Friday (yesterday). I only ran 8.5 miles. I will now try to add a mile each week of September leading up the the half marathon on Sept. 29. But I also need to not run as much the rest of the week. I ran 7.5 miles on Monday and that just about did me in this week. My legs - and actually my whole body - were pretty sore and weak all week long. It was also a very stressful week for me too, so that may have added to it. But I still need to try to limit my runs to from 3-5 miles during the week and then do longer runs on Fridays. Once this half marathon is over I can hopefully go back to just a regular diet of 4-6 mile runs. My legs just can't take too much outside running. Plus I've been doing more weight work with my legs, and that probably doesn't help.

So... today I ran 8.52 miles in 1 hr. 16 minutes (9-minute miles) and burned 967 calories. I also walked another mile after I was done. I weighed 145.6 before I ran (after eating egg beaters, english muffin, coffee and water), and weighed 141.0 after running.

I felt terrible when I started running, and wasn't at all sure I would even be able to run. Like I said, I've been sore all week. And my knees were actually a little shaky this morning. I think it is mostly the stress of work-related issues, dad's wreck, and Lady's demise working on me mentally and emotionally though. I still didn't feel too good when I got going, and thought about quitting at 3 miles. I finally started to come around at about the 5-mile mark though, and felt good through 7.5 miles. I certainly could have kept going, but I felt good at 8.5 so I decided to stop while I was ahead. My legs even felt pretty good when I stopped. I'd say I felt much better AFTER running than I did before. I got a lot accomplished in my mind during that time too. Although, standing at the Bob Dylan concert last night didn't help much. The ol' legs are pretty sore again this morning.

I think now I'll just work my way back up, and only go to maybe 11 or 12 miles, and not do the full 13 until the day of the half marathon. I now know I can do it. I don't want to kill myself before then. I've also discovered that I am running faster the further I go. I probably run the first 3 miles slower than any of them. If I really cared I would probably start to work on pace. But... whatever. I'll be happy to finish in under 2 hours. I don't know that I can beat Isaac's 1:53, but I'd like to come close to that.

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