Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bob dylan concert

We saw Bob Dylan in concert at Fort Wayne's beautiful Parkview Field Friday night (8/24). What a good time it was. It was just Dylan and his band - starting at 8 pm and playing through until 10. It was worth every penny of the $51 ticket. This is a poor-quality pic I took on my blackberry.

We last saw Bob when he was in Fort Wayne in September 2006. Then he was out at the old baseball stadium. It was much nicer downtown. It was also raining in '06, and Friday was a beeeeeautiful night. Though he still doesn't interact much at all with the crowd, there were some significant differences between then and now. Then he didn't play guitar at all, but Friday he did do one song on electric. In '06 I can't remember him speaking to the crowd at all, but Friday he did introduce the band, and at one point said, "How are ya, friends?". In '06 he mostly just stayed behind the piano or organ, but now he was up and about dancing around the stage a lot more, and he seemed a bit more animated too (even smiling now and then). I don't remember him looking quite so old in '06, but Friday he looked really old - mostly in the face. But boy did he bring it. Especially when you consider he's in his early 70's. My first thought when he came out was: Harry Johnson (you have to be from around here to know who I'm talking about). Looked just like him.

Anyway, it was a really nice night, and a really, really nice show. We arrived around 7:30, and I was kind of surprised at all the people already there. We parked by the FWCS administrative building, since we had to use the main entrance to the ballpark (we usually use the North entrance). There were a lot of people sitting in the stands, but we made our way right down to the stage. First we started on the right side of the stage, but upon realizing he would have his back to us at the piano we moved over to the left side. I'm glad we did. We were right at the left end and had maybe 2 people between us and the front when they came out. I thought maybe the band would come out and play for a bit, but they didn't. The band walked out, suited up with their instruments, and then here came Bob with his big white hat in hand. He had on white suit pants and a black suit coat trimmed in lime green. He stood at the organ and they just tore into it. Basically they just went straight from one song to the next the entire evening - only stopping long enough for guitar changes and so Bob could go from organ to piano to front mic, or for him to grab a different harmonica. Around 9:40 or so they stopped and did a line-up to take a bow. The crowd obliged with a nice applause, so they did another song for us. It was probably just before 10 when the stage then went black and they were gone. From where we were sitting we could then see them walking across the outfield toward their exit (we could see Bob's white pants and hat; everyone else was in all black).

As I said, we started out right up front, but we soon moved back. It was pretty hot up front. It was like 86 at show time, and we had on long sleeves because we were afraid it would cool off later on. It didn't. So we moved to the back but still on the ground. Then we did a potty break up on the concourse. Then we went back down and stood in the back on the ground. Later on we ran into some friends so we got a table off kind of to the side.

When we first got their we saw Josh from Muncie and chatted with him briefly. Then we saw Les & Mary from church. Then John P.F. and his girlfriend. Then we ended up with some good friends of ours from Bluffton, and we ended up going out for snacks after the show at Champions.

I simply cannot imagine what must motivate Dylan to do these minor-league ballpark concerts. And I was surprised at how he played almost entirely all old songs for this show (I actually don't remember hearing any new ones). Don't get me wrong, I liked the old ones; and I like how he's re-done them. Jazzed a lot of them up a bit. But I like his new stuff just as well. I mean, is it possible that he is still just as good as he ever was at 70-some years old? I think so. And he seemed to be having so much stinking fun while doing it. It just kind of boggles my mind. I have to say, I have always liked Dylan from as far back as I can remember (at least high school), but I think I like him more and more as time goes by. When we were standing up front, and I could see the lines on his face, I just stood there with a big stupid grin on my face, and, yes, some tears rolling down my cheeks. What the heck, the guy is a legend. I've heard the stories of how difficult he can be and whatnot, but he comes across so simple and humble and... I know this may sound strange, but to me he almost comes across like a Mother Teresa type person. Not in his good works, so to speak, but his demeanor. I like how he's not interested in impressing anyone. He just is who he is. At least that's how it seems to me. And that's how I want to be. Someday.

Anyway, I suppose I'm gushing, and what do I really know about anything anyway, but... it was a nice night. I didn't really care if he came out and mumbled and did a bad show. Dylan is Dylan, as far as I'm concerned. So when he came out and did a really good show... that's just icing on the cake. What more can I say...

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