Thursday, October 25, 2012


I mowed at the church yesterday afternoon. East/West. I would say it might be the last mowing, but in checking through my records, I mowed into November for the last several years. So we'll see. I don't care either way. Whatever.

I also mowed at home. I lowered the deck another notch. I should have raked the leaves before mowing but I wasn't in the mood and I needed to hurry because we had bible study last night. So I just mowed over the leaves - even though a lot of them just bunched up in front of the mower and I more-less plowed them. I suppose one of these days I need to rake. Ugh. Just not motivated to do that this year.

Of course then we went to bible study and there were only 2 people there. I'm afraid it has just about run its course. Happens every time. This has not been a good week.

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