Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Parents visit

My mom and dad spent a few days with us. They were here to see their new great-grandson - Bennett. They arrived Sunday afternoon and left yesterday morning around 10 am.

It was a nice visit. No big meltdowns or hospitalizations. When they arrived Sunday Isaac and Ricci were here, and we promptly went over to Drew & Carrie's to see the grandkids. It was their first time to see Bennett. He mostly slept the entire time they were here, but Anna enjoyed it immensely. She got to open all the presents - some for her and some for her brother. We had to leave at 5 though to go to the Third Sunday Supper at church. Isaac and Ricci went home, and we took my parents to church with us.

Monday we mostly hung around the house. I went to the office for awhile during the day. Then we entertained Carrie and the kids for most of the afternoon and evening. When it was time for Carrie to take the kids home we all tagged along so my mom could see Bennett's new bedroom. We hung out there for awhile and then came home.

Yesterday morning Jane had to be to work at 9, and I hung around for awhile too - finally leaving around 9. Carrie came over and she left when my parents did, around 10 am. It was raining when they left, and they drove their new Hyundai Santa Fe (it is actually a 2004, but it's new to them). My mom likes driving it, but my dad doesn't. So he apparently drives their car now. I did like it - other than being white.

For food... we ate at the TSS Sunday night (it was a tailgate party theme). Monday morning we went to Azars (with Carrie and the kids). For lunch we had potato soup and chili (mid-afternoon). Supper was spaghetti. For breakfast on Tuesday Jane made us a sausage/egg casserole. It was all very good.

Otherwise... we didn't do too much. A nice visit.

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