Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Apparently I am stuck with a kindle fire hd

Well... after buying an Asus Transformer tablet at Best Buy, and then returning it for a Kindle Fire HD - because they were having this special where anything you bought you could return until Dec. 24th - I thought I might return the Kindle also... It just wasn't what I thought it would be. But I found out that when I returned the Asus and got the Kindle instead, they were no longer running that special. So I guess I am stuck with the Kindle Fire HD.

I can live with it. It is good to read with, and I've found some apps that aren't too bad, and the Amazon Prime deals are nice for a month (lots of good free tv shows and movies). However, in my opinion, Kindle is really killing themselves by limiting their device to only their products (or at least not mingling better with Google). But such is the way things are in this world now, I guess. The Kindle HD web browser just sucks, and it sucks that you can't watch Youtube videos, or access Gmail, or anything that requires flash to operate. But... it is what it is.

There is plenty to enjoy with the Kindle, I was just a little bummed, because I'd kind of got my heart set on a Nexus 7 (or even the Asus Transformer again). I will survive though.


Tom said...

Wait until your warranty runs out and you get brave enough and then root it.

Jim Lehmer said...

I've rooted mine and then "side loaded" some apps from my Android phone, but that's a crap shoot and not everything works (and I couldn't get Google Play/Marketplace to work), and I ended up undoing it because a couple of apps I ended up side loading were then making the Fire unstable.

The Kindle Fire HD is a fine tablet...for your mom (hmmm...and it IS Christmas time :). If you are technical at all it isn't the right platform. And don't feel bad, because I bought one, too. I hope to get a Nexus 7 in the spring (or whatever Google replaces it with by then, if they do).

dan horwedel said...

I'm at least going to watch as many free movies as I can on my free month of prime. And my granddaughter loves it!