Thursday, December 06, 2012

Kindle apps and info...

These are some articles and whatnot on info about stuff for my Kindle Fire HD. Although... I'm thinking, with Jim around, who needs articles from the internet? I'm sure if I ever have any problems he can walk me through them. ;) It does seem pretty easy to find help on the internet though. The only problem I've had so far is... I would like to hook it to my tv, to watch shows from the kindle on tv, but our tv's are too old that an hdmi cable apparently won't work. Plus the fact that they're kind of expensive. But... it's not really a problem. It is what it is.

And sometimes I think I'd have been better off with just the regular $159 Kindle Fire instead of the HD. It seems they've closed a lot of loopholes with the HD version. But, again... whatever. I knew it wasn't an ipad when I got it.

So far I've mostly used it for the Bible, watching shows while I walk on the treadmill, and briefly for internet searches, solitaire, and some other things.

Here are the links...

- 25 Essential Kindle Fire Apps:

- 6 Must-Have Video Apps for the Kindle Fire HD:

- Interesting article on problems, and some ways around them:

- And the link Tom sent me yesterday:


carrie said...

If you guys got a new computer with a big monitor I bet you could connect the two :)

Jim Lehmer said...

Carrie's right. Most modern monitors have HDMI inputs, or you can buy a HDMI-to-DVI adapter pretty cheaply (HDMI-to-VGA is another story and not recommended). Depending on the monitor, if it has HDMI input and speakers that should be all you need (since HDMI carries the audio, too), or else you'd have to run an audio cable with a 1/8" jack on one end from the earphone jack to either your stereo or "PC speakers." Depending on the monitor/TV, you could have the computer hooked to one input and the Kindle hooked to another and choose between them as needed.

And you'd better be nice to me if you want me for tech support! :)