Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dinner, decorating, and cookie exchange

Our church normally has a 'Third Sunday Supper' on the third Sunday of every month. Due to conflicts with other events we aren't able to in November and December, so instead we had a church supper on the first Sunday of December (last Sunday). Normally we try to have some kind of soup supper or something light, and then we decorate the church Christmas tree. This year we did things a little different.

It was still at 6 pm, but instead of having a simple supper, we had a nice supper. We had turkey, ham, stuffing, green beans, salad, and ice cream for dessert. Our "Foundations" group (leadership group) prepared and served it. We also decorated and set things up a little fancier than usual, with candles on the tables and nicer paper plates and whatnot. Then we asked everyone bring 2 dozen cookies, which were for dessert, but also for a 'cookie exchange.' We had tins that people could fill up and take some Christmas cookies back home in. I think it went over quite well (though I didn't really need any more cookies myself).

The only Christmas decorating we normally do is to put our fake poinsettia's up front, and we put up a tree in the sanctuary. It's just a cheapy pre-lit tree from Walmart. Then we have everyone bring an ornament from home (or one they've bought, or made) and at the supper we have people share why they chose this ornament, or if there is something special about it. Normally we do this up in the sanctuary, but this year we did it downstairs after we got done eating (I think it was around 7 pm). Not a lot of people shared, but the kids really enjoy it. Jim set up his small mixer so we had a microphone (kids love talking into a mic). I was glad there were many who did share, and baffled by those who refuse, but... whatever. Then we just had people put their ornaments on the tree sometime before they left.

It was a pretty nice evening. We had way too much food, but it was all really good. There were a boatload of little kids and they all seemed to have a fun time. As usual I was pretty disappointed in the turnout. We had quite a few - I think someone said they counted like 55 or something - but I'm always so disappointed in the number of people who don't show up for these things. Especially so this year since we've had so many people leave the church this year. It was almost like an entirely different group of people. But... what are you gonna do.

Anyway, I would call it a success. Not sure what we will do next year, but I wanted to get this down for when we're deciding next year, and when someone says, "Well what did we do last year?" This is what we did.

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JAH said...

I thought it was a very nice time and the tree looks good as well!