Sunday, May 19, 2013

A funeral and new shirts

I had a funeral yesterday morning. It was for a lady in the church who used to live not far from the church building and she used to stop in and see me all the time. She had been in a nursing home for the past several years. It was one of those "easy" funerals in that it wasn't hard to find things to say and to celebrate her home-going. I was glad the service was at the funeral home and not the church though - so I didn't have to go to the church on my sabbatical. It lasted 20 minutes exactly. Then the committal service at the Waynedale cemetery was just the words of committal, the 23rd Psalm, and a prayer. I thought it was a nice service.

Then yesterday afternoon I bought some shirts. I bought a sleeveless running shirt at Meijer, and then two golf shirts at Kohls. Most of my golf-type shirts are either too big or too old.

This morning Jane and I got up and ran a 5k down the rivergreenway, then walked another mile. Now we're getting ready to go to Anderson to hear son Isaac preach.

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