Saturday, May 18, 2013

New patio chair cushions

I bought some chair cushions for our patio furniture yesterday. We had just been talking about getting some - because we've never had any cushions for our patio chairs - and Jane sent me a text yesterday that someone from her work told her about this big sale on chair cushions. She gave me the address and I couldn't find anything out about it other than it was near the airport. So I hopped in the Buick and headed to West Ferguson Road. It wasn't until my second time by that I noticed this little sign hung on the fence at the Arden Company. I didn't even know this place existed. I think it is maybe the old Kmart distribution center. It's a brick building with a chain link fence all around the property just across from the airport (and a smidge to the east).

Anyway, I stopped in and this place that makes patio furnishings was having a warehouse clearance sale. I bought these really nice chair cushions for $5 each! I also bought some basic seat pads for our wooden chairs in the house at 4 for $1. So I spent $21 total. Just one of these cushions would have cost at least that much in the store. They are nice, and I was happy. Apparently they have this sale every year.

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