Friday, December 20, 2013

I painted the basement way

We have never done anything to the basement since we bought the house. We painted just about every room upstairs, but nothing down. It probably wouldn't have really needed it either, but when we moved the leather couch downstairs we gouged a couple spots in the wall. So I finally got around to patching the gouges, and then painting the walls and ceiling of the basement way.

The walls had been a soft green color - which matched the green and white checked wallpaper in the big room. I looked through our array of paint cans we already had and found a yellow that I thought might not be too bad. I also had a partial can of white ceiling paint. So on Tuesday I taped off the ceiling and the trim and painted both walls. Unfortunately I was just short on paint left in the can. I had to spread it on super thin and it didn't turn out well. So Wednesday I used another old can of a softer yellow. It covered nicely, even though I'm not super in love with the shade of yellow. Then yesterday I taped for the ceiling and put on a coat of white. It also needed two coats, and I had just barely enough to put the second coat on a couple hours after the first one.

I have to say - even though I've never been particularly fond of painting - I think I did a pretty good job, and it was kind of fun. And... in complete Walter White fashion (Breaking Bad), I painted in my underwear. I didn't want to get paint on my clothes any more than Walter wanted meth on his.

So, now that's done. I had hoped to paint my bathroom before returning to work too. We'll see.

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JAH said...

You did do a very good job. Why is it that I usually do the painting?? :)