Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Weekend in atlanta

We went to Atlanta this past weekend and had a splendid time. We were celebrating Isaac and Carrie's birthdays, and the entire family was there. Drew Carrie and the kids drove down and stopped in Nashville, TN on the way there and back. Jane and I flew down Friday and came home Sunday. Our niece, Laura, drove over from Chattanooga and spend the day and night Saturday as well.

Breakfast in bed
Jane and I got a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Emory. We have stayed there before and it works out well. It's a nice basic hotel with free breakfast, it's not too far from Isaac & Ricci's, and there's a grocery store right beside it. We stayed Friday night by ourselves, and Saturday night we kept all three grandkids with us so our kids could go out on the town. I slept with Bennett in one bed and Jane slept with Anna in another. Caleb slept in his pack-n-play in the corner. The kids all slept really good and we lived to tell about it.

Everyone else stayed in Isaac and Ricci's one-bedroom, one-bath house. Fortunately they have two large/long couches - which is where Isaac and Ricci slept - and there's a room between the bedroom and kitchen where they put Caleb's crib and an inflatable mattress. They were "cozy." :)

Anna & Crosby

Crosby, the dog, was a super sport all weekend too. For not being around kids much, he behaved really well. He let the kids pet him and hang on him and whatnot. He looked pretty stressed most of the time though.

Playing with the band (my favorite pic)

Supper at Farm Burger
We didn't really do much while there. Isaac picked us up at the airport Friday late afternoon. Drew Carrie had just arrived, and it was actually Ricci's last day of teaching. Friday night we just had pizza at the house and hung out. Saturday we headed to their house late in the morning, then we all went to the playground at Ricci's school (which is actually in a church). It is a really nice playground with lots of room to run, and shade trees and activities for the kids. We hung around there for quite awhile, then went back to the house and cleaned up, and we went out to eat Saturday night at Farm Burger in Decatur. From there Jane and I took the kids back to our hotel, and the others went out in Decatur and then back to Isaac's.

Sunday we checked out of our hotel around 10 am and went to Isaac's. Laura left around noon, then the Feipel's left a little after that, and Isaac and Ricci took us back to the airport at 2:30. It was a short visit, but a pretty good one. I was glad we all got to be together even for a little bit, and that Carrie got to see her brothers place.

Our flights there and back were both pretty good. We paid extra and sat in the 3rd row on both. There were three seats across and fortunately both times we had non-talkers beside us. I don't like to chit-chat with strangers while flying. Actually, I slept for most of both flights. Also, we flew out of Indianapolis for the first time in the new airport. It was easy-peasy to get too, and easy to get around in. It took two hours exactly to get there.

So, that's pretty much it. A short and sweet visit. At least we will see Isaac again next month. Anna didn't even mind leaving Ricci's side quite so bad this time. I'm glad we all got to go.

Isaac & Ricci saying goodbye

Our weekend hosts