Thursday, March 03, 2016

Another book order

I broke down and ordered yet another bundle of books the other day.

Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading, by Eugene Peterson. This book is from 2009 and I've always wanted to read it... not sure why I never got around to it. I'm looking forward to starting in on it, not only because of the subject matter, but I have always really liked Eugene's writing/thinking.

The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible, by Scot McKnight. I devoured this book when it came out in 2010. I think I preached from it, and have written about it on the blog. When a youngish guy in one of our small groups started asking questions about the bible, I decided to dig my copy out to see if he would read it. Instead I decided to buy him his own copy (because I don't want to lose my copy). I really like it.

Surprise the World: The Five Habits of Highly Missional People, by Michael Frost. This is a new book. It's small, and while I can't believe I ordered yet another "missional" book... for some reason I opted to add it to the order. I do like Michael's writing. We'll see.