Monday, July 11, 2016

Parking in the garage and other book and basement news

I was finally able to park my car in the garage again last night. Since we'd moved things out of the basement after the flood in May I had been parking the Buick outside. It wasn't a big deal, but it felt like an accomplishment to get the garage emptied and things mostly in there place in the basement. We also got rid of quite a bit of stuff.

The living room area is pretty much settled. The L-shaped rec room is still quite unorganized, but I did get all my books on shelves - minus 4 boxes of ministry books that I am donating to our church library. We are debating on what to do with the pool table. We don't use it much, but the kids like it. I do think we are agreed that the rec room will be the "toy room." We're also considering getting a futon so it could double as a bedroom if needed.

As for the books.... I've debated what to do. I remember when I unloaded all my albums when I converted to Christianity. I regretted that later. I've wondered if that would happen with the books, but at least I should still have access to them for awhile. Most of the ones I got rid of are on preaching, church leadership, and emerging/missional church stuff. I just don't see needing them even if I were to ever go that route again.

Another big project yet to be undertaken is deciding where to put the Jesus pictures in the basement. Fortunately we don't need to be in any hurry.