Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Swimming into the 4th

I've kind of gotten behind a little on the blog, but we had a nice 4th of July holiday weekend. It started Saturday night with the two of us attending another "uncorked" even at the Two EE's Winery in Huntington/Roanoke. Todd Harrold was playing, and we always like listening to him. Even though it was just him on drums and another guy on organ/keys, they sounded just as good as always. We split a bottle of cabernet.

Saturday I worked from 9-2, then we started moving things back into the basement. Saturday night we attended our usual 'Rock the Plaza' at the downtown library. It was nice, as always.

Sunday we went to church and the pastor was gone for the day. He was definitely missed, but people carried out everything that needed to be done anyway. We also had a lot of people come and welcome us - since Jane attended a ladies function at the pastors wife's house last week. That was nice. Ironically, the speaker for the day was one of the youth pastors from the church we just left (Grace). Hahaha. It was fine, but a typical "Grace" message along the lines of, "This is what I do, so if you just do this too, you'll be good." Whatever. He was a nice young guy. The music seemed especially good on this day.

Sunday night we went to The Stand in Waynedale and listened to sil Drew's band, Swimming Into View. They are a fun band, and I'm always impressed by them when I hear them - especially Drew's singing. I wish they would play out more. What was perhaps most fun was watching Drew sing and his three kids run around and dance in front of him. Above is a pic of Bennett dancing in front of his dad.

Monday we slept in, went for a 4-mile run, and then had the DrewCarrie family over for supper and some kids fireworks. It was pretty uneventful, other than Caleb falling off several chairs, but we had fun. They went to the fireworks downtown afterward, but m'Lady and I just relaxed in our newly redone downstairs until signing off for the night.

Today it's back to work. It started right off with a lady screaming at me for an hour. Unfortunately she had every right to be upset, so I tried to deal with that all morning. Ugh.