Thursday, July 07, 2016


There is no picture to describe how I feel today. Yesterday I gave two statements to the police, talked to four different officers, and for the last two days I've had a lady screaming accusations at me for something I had absolutely nothing to do with - other than trying to help her. I don't want to go to work anymore.

It was a terrible mistake that occurred, and I cannot go into detail, but I totally sympathize and empathize with the person it happened to. I have been busting my butt to try to help her, and all she has done is yell and scream at me and accuse me of all sorts of things that aren't even remotely true. My parking lot at work was literally littered with police cars yesterday for half the day. The company has offered to do whatever it takes to resolve the situation. However, sometimes that's not enough. And, again, I had absolutely nothing to do with any of it! I'm just stuck in the middle and bearing the brunt of most of it.

I know life will go on. It's nothing serious, even. But I am mentally drained. Apparently I can't deal with very much stress anymore.

That's probably more than I should have said. I have been advised to refer all questions and/or inquiries to the general manager or our company lawyer. My "incident report" is currently 3 typed pages and growing.

This, too, shall pass. Right?